Artist's Statement

The icons of daily rituals can be found weaving through the physical, emotional, and social landscapes that I create across paint, printmaking and video mediums. The bed, the dinner party, the terrain and the chandelier become the subjects of a series.  My work explores themes of intimacy and social connection and is instilled with a sense of place.

I work in both small and large scale to reflect the intimacy of a moment within a larger public space.  I work between ambiguity and specificity through an additive and subtractive processes.  I want the work to reflect how memory can erode, revise or distill experience into record. My work is like an event, a representation of something I noticed; the light, a feeling or place where I can enter a dialogue with the viewer. That dialogue may be the prompting of a memory, an invitation to look at something familiar in a new way or a fleeting glance of recognition.